Tag: Personal Identity

Chapter 36 -Splitting Brains and Parfit Explained

In Chapter 36, there is a quick and confusing mention of placing each half of a person’s brain in a different body and then asking which body is the real person.  This question, somehow, was to help us understand why the current Chidi is not the same as the Chidi […]

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Chapter 7 – The Moral Obligation to Kill Janet

In order to stop Michael from going into retirement where he will be tortured for all eternity, Eleanor hatches a plan to stop the train that will take Michael into retirement.  Stopping the train means killing Janet by pressing a red button.  Eleanor justifies doing a small bad for a […]

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Chapter 4 – The Parable of the Sock, AKA, Philosophy for Dummies

At the beginning of chapter 4, we see Eleanor in class.  Chidi is discussing self-identity.  On the chalkboard, there is a list of works.  Two things stood out to me.  The first was a work by David Hume listed as A Treatise of the Self with a date of 1738.  […]

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