Tag: Moral Development

Chapter 13 – Do Our Moral Failings Create Our Own Bad Place?

In Chapter 13, Sean decides that The Bad Place is entitled to two souls.  However, since they have all done bad things, Sean gives Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason thirty minutes to decide which two will be taken to the Bad Place.  This bickering leads to Eleanor having a revelation […]

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Chapter 9 – The Importance of Self-Worth

One of the more subtle, yet important themes in Chapter 9 is self-worth.  The idea seems to be that one’s self-worth can be deeply affected by the actions and words of those around us.  If one is told that one is worthless, then one will feel worthless.  We see this […]

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Chapter 8 – Moral Development in the Afterlife

While there are many threads in episode 8 relating to themes in future episodes, Chapter 8 presents the audience with an indictment of the permanency of the binary afterlife.  In many religions, there is the good place and the bad place.  Where one goes depends on one’s actions while alive.  […]

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