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Chapter 17 – Is Self-Improvement a Duty?

In Chapter 17, we find our four humans trying to decide if they should team up with Michael.  One of Chidi’s arguments is that he wants to get better.  By teaming up with Michael, then there is a chance that he and the others could study ethics more and become […]

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Chapter 11 – Not All Good Actions Count

Chapter 11 is focusing on Eleanor trying to earn her way into The Good Place by raising her point total.  Sean, the judge of disputes between The Good Place and The Bad Place will soon arrive to decide Eleanor’s fate.  While your official number stops at death, Tahani suggests they […]

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Chapter 1 – All Kantians Go to The Bad Place

In the first episode of The Good Place, we learn that Eleanor Shellstrop died from a car accident.  Waking up in the afterlife, she is told she is in the good place.  It turns out a mistake is made and she should not be there.  As fans of the show […]

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