Tag: Justice

Chapter 47 – Two Arguments for Earth’s Destruction

In Chapter 47, the Judge has made her decision.  The point system is flawed and the only path forward is to destroy all life on Earth.  The audience, presumably, finds the destruction of all life and all human souls in the afterlife, to be a bit of a drastic solution.  […]

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Chapter 24 – Are Demons Doing Good by Acting Bad?

In Chapter 24, Team Cockroach goes to The Bad Place.  While there, we see the demons behaving badly.  It seems more of a Bizarro World rather than other views of hell.  Bad Janet insults people, trains do not run on time, they eat foods that no one likes (egg salad […]

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Would Veronica Mars go to The Good Place?

Veronica Mars and The Good Place present its audience with competing theories of morality.  Because of this, Veronica Mars would not go to The Good Place.  We learn in the first episode of The Good Place that morality is about consequences.  Each action a person does generates a positive or […]

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