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Chapter 22 – Faith or Friendship

In Chapter 22, Sean returns to The Good Place to promote Michael due to the success of his experiment.  The neighborhood is to be dismantled and the humans will be dissected and studied.  Michael, with Sean observing, then tells them that they are really in The Bad Place.  They all […]

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Chapter 10 – Eleanor, Aristotle, and the Importance of Friends

One of the central themes of Chapters 8-10, and in fact the entire series, is the importance of friendship for moral development.  In Chapter 8, we have a flashback of Eleanor with a horrible roommate.  Eleanor then behaves badly as a person and a roommate.  In Chapter 9, we have […]

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Chapter 9 – The Importance of Self-Worth

One of the more subtle, yet important themes in Chapter 9 is self-worth.  The idea seems to be that one’s self-worth can be deeply affected by the actions and words of those around us.  If one is told that one is worthless, then one will feel worthless.  We see this […]

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