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Chapter 10 – Eleanor, Aristotle, and the Importance of Friends

One of the central themes of Chapters 8-10, and in fact the entire series, is the importance of friendship for moral development.  In Chapter 8, we have a flashback of Eleanor with a horrible roommate.  Eleanor then behaves badly as a person and a roommate.  In Chapter 9, we have […]

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Chapter 26 – Is Being Good its own Reward?

At the end of season 2, the Judge says that the fact that our humans continued to improve after death does not count because they could be doing it out of self-interest.  People should do good because it is good and not for a reward or to avoid punishment.  Michael […]

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Chapter 3 – Aristotle’s Account of How to Become a Good Person

In episode two of The Good Place, one of the central questions was if morality could be taught.  As Chidi mentioned, Aristotle believes that you can be taught to be a good person.  At the beginning of episode three, Chidi is trying to explain why being a good person is […]

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