Month: January 2020

Chapter 51 – An Actual Solution to the Meaningless Afterlife

In Chapter 51, The Good Place is not the paradise people expected. Instead, people have been turned into pleasure zombies. Pleasure zombies people who are constantly experiencing pleasure, but who do not have a pleasurable response. It is just the normal state of affair for them. They are bored, indecisive, […]

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Chapter 27- Can Science Solve Moral Questions?

In Chapter 27, Chidi has his brain scanned to see if there is a reason why he cannot make decisions.  His brain scan is normal.  Chidi remarks, “there are actual answers” from the MRI scan.  Simone agrees that science is all about getting answers.  She then says that philosophers can […]

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Chapter 47 – Two Arguments for Earth’s Destruction

In Chapter 47, the Judge has made her decision.  The point system is flawed and the only path forward is to destroy all life on Earth.  The audience, presumably, finds the destruction of all life and all human souls in the afterlife, to be a bit of a drastic solution.  […]

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