Month: September 2019

Chapter 22 – Faith or Friendship

In Chapter 22, Sean returns to The Good Place to promote Michael due to the success of his experiment.  The neighborhood is to be dismantled and the humans will be dissected and studied.  Michael, with Sean observing, then tells them that they are really in The Bad Place.  They all […]

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Chapter 21 – The Doctrine of Double Effect

In Chapter 21, Janet is in a relationship with Derek – the boyfriend she created to aid in getting over Jason.  To prevent Vicky from finding out, Michael wants to kill Derek.  When Chidi informs him that it is wrong, Michael suggests that they break Jason and Tahani up.  If […]

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Chapter 20 – Janet and the Evolutionary Account of Freewill

In Chapter 20, Michael and Janet investigate the cause of Janet’s glitches.  It turns out that the cause of the glitches is Janet providing information that is incompatible with objective truth.  In other words, Janet is lying.  Janet, however, points out that Janets cannot lie.  However, after 802 reboots, Janet […]

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