Month: August 2019

Chapter 18 – Does Death Give Meaning to Life?

In chapter 18, Michael has an existential crisis followed by a midlife crisis.  This was caused by Chidi trying to help Michael understand ethics.  According to Chidi, Michael being immortal could be the problem.  In explaining this to Eleanor, Chidi said, “life has an end; therefore our actions have meaning.”  […]

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Chapter 17 – Is Self-Improvement a Duty?

In Chapter 17, we find our four humans trying to decide if they should team up with Michael.  One of Chidi’s arguments is that he wants to get better.  By teaming up with Michael, then there is a chance that he and the others could study ethics more and become […]

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Chapter 16 – The Good Cave

In chapter 16, we see Michael constantly rebooting the neighborhood due to the humans realizing they are in The Bad Place.  Eleanor and Chidi visit Mindy St. Claire for the fifteenth time.  Mindy informs them they always return to the neighborhood.  One of the reasons given is that their friends […]

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