Month: January 2019

Chapter 38 – Are We Responsible for Other People’s Decisions?

Michael explains that while humans think they are making one choice, they are in fact, unwittingly, making dozens of choices they are not aware they are making.  This is what results in people being sent to The Bad Place, who, in previous centuries, would not have been sent to The […]

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Chapter 35 – Why Doug Forcett Should Go to The Bad Place

The Good Place is sending contradictory messages about how the afterlife works in this episode.  The episode examines the life of Doug Forcett as a model of ethical behavior that would lead to earning a spot in The Good Place.  While the episode is intended as a criticism of utilitarianism, […]

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Chapter 36 -Splitting Brains and Parfit Explained

In Chapter 36, there is a quick and confusing mention of placing each half of a person’s brain in a different body and then asking which body is the real person.  This question, somehow, was to help us understand why the current Chidi is not the same as the Chidi […]

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